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When I began this mentorship program, I thought of how much advice the Maple Trade Finance team could give me for my own business. Carole-Ann and I had already talked about projections, cash flow, valuation statements and organizing meetings with both her Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and her Chief Operations Officer (COO) where I would learn about the work they do and their role in the organization.

For this and many other reasons, when I accepted this opportunity, I was excited about what it meant for my small consultancy and for my personal growth as an entrepreneur. I started with one client three years ago.

Our team currently has 20 clients we serve at different times of the year; we continue to grow and learning about financial resource management has been our biggest challenge. (Privacy requirements mean sharing our client names isn’t always possible but many of our clients are growing and known names in Canada in education, packaged goods, governance and manufacturing.)

Although finance isn’t my area, communicating about client matter is; the more information and knowledge we have, the more areas (like finance) exist where I can add value for clients and help them effectively communicate their needs to their own partners and stakeholders.

Those same 20 clients, all incredible teams, have asked me about this mentorship and many are excited for what it may mean for their office and their team: a digital consultancy skilled in the language of the finance world opens doors not only for our team but for their team.

I look forward to sharing my newfound knowledge with my partners, vendors and of course, with my clients. Our growth = their growth. (We’re so thankful to Maple Trade Finance for taking us on and will be visiting their office for 2 days in June.)

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Karen A. Moores
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TOWN Content + Commerce is a different kind of digital agency: we focus on helping clients maximize their e-commerce sales through curated content solutions. We also like to get the conversation flowing with client social media strategy and strategize with clients for content-focused communications ranging from photography to sourcing writers and designers. Although small (we are still a start-up!), we focus with emerging and existing leaders in our business to tell brand stories and grow sales. Our agency is part of the TOWN Group and a Mission Media Inc. company.

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