Take 5 with Top 50 CEOs Rosalyn and Blair Hyslop

Take 5 with Top 50 CEOs Rosalyn and Blair Hyslop

Rosalyn and Blair Hyslop are the co-CEOs of Mrs. Dunster’s Bakery, based in Sussex, New Brunswick. Two times a week, their company’s fresh baked goods are delivered to 800 customers in the Maritimes and Maine.

Having trippled the size of the business, Blair & Rosalyn opened a new 40,000 sq. ft bakery in Moncton this year, the first new bakery of its size built in Atlantic Canada in 20 years.

For this episode of Take 5 with the Top 50, we ask the Hyslops if there’s room for innovation in a by-the-recipe bakery business as well as question why they choose to keep their business in Sussex. We also dig into how this husband and wife team manage their co-CEO structure and why they committed to giving $1 million to charity.

For each episode of Atlantic Business Magazine’s Take 5 with the Top 50 CEOs video series, we ask five questions of a 2020 Top 50 CEO award winner. See video below for our full Q&A with the Hyslops.

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