Let’s play #Snowmaggedon2020 Support Small Business Bingo!

Let’s play #Snowmaggedon2020 Support Small Business Bingo!

Photographer Malin Enström captured this shot of snowed-in Georgestown houses.

St. John’s and its surrounding communities will need a long time to recover from Friday’s #Smowmageddon2020 storm and so will the small, locally-owned businesses in the area.

The massive blizzard buried Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital city beneath mountains of snow and forced city officials to declare a state of emergency (SOE). It’s now SOE Day Six, b’ys, and St. John’s mayor Danny Breen says it won’t be lifted until 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

When it lifts, let’s get out there and support those small businesses that were forced to close for over a week.

And let’s make a game of it.

It’s #Smowmageddon2020 Support Small Business Bingo time!

Tick off a square by completing the corresponding activity via local businesses and try and get three in a row (diagonals count) for a bingo.

Tweet us at @AtlanticBus each time you get a bingo and tell us how you did it (gold star for pics, extra gold star for tagging the businesses you went to!). We’ll enter your name in a draw to win a free subscription.

And tweet a lot! Every time you give a small business a shout-out on social media, you give them a hand.

You’ve got until Monday, Feb. 3 to get as many bingos as you can! We’ll be making the draw for the free subscription that morning.

Game on!

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  1. Order in line works too

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