I recently had the distinct pleasure of participating in a ceremony in Corner Brook to celebrate a wonderful gift from Fortis to the Set The Stage Campaign. This is a fundraising effort to support the construction of a new theatre building in Cow Head, to …

How a Halifax-based natural skin care company is expanding across the country, smoothing skin and debunking myths about the cost of natural products

ON A LEAF-BLOWN November morning the day after Americans finally, thankfully, balloted an end to the most toxic mid-term election in memory (only to launch what will almost certainly be among the most brutish, divisive, negative, nasty, racist, vile, fact-free and hate-filled presidential campaigns in …

On one side, a desperate shortage of available workers; on the other, an excess of bureaucratic policy and procedure: how the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project has gotten caught in the middle

There are two types of people in the world: those who walk around with unconscious biases, and those who lie about it. Our biases—that is, our preconceived notions about others—impact how we perceive people, whether we listen to them and our propensity to know, like and trust them. And all these factors mean our unconscious biases have a major impact on our ability to receive information and then make sound decisions.

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