Charlottetown entrepreneur Brad Pineau creates a software with charities in mind with “Coding for Cures”.

Our resident bibliophile reviews two must-reads: one, Bill Bryson’s “One Summer, America 1927” he calls an entertaining remembrance of an epic time in recent history; the other, Craig Johnson’s “Spirit of Steamboat: A Walter Longmire Story”, a fast-paced introduction to a multi-faceted fictional lawman.

Acadia University’s Ray Ivany advocates ann “old school” approach to Nova Scotia’s economic woes.

Nothing unites Moncton tighter, faster than economic woes. So much so that the city recently hosted a summit to head off perceived challenges long before they become fiscal reality. Here’s what they came up with.

In this issue’s cover story, journalist Wade Kearley tackles some of the biggest issues to perpetually challenge Atlantic Canada. Can Newfoundland and Labrador every really be aligned with the Maritimes when it’s so geographically and culturally disparate? Or, is it time to finally accept and embrace the fact that the Atlantic Ocean is one monster of a moat, one that may be too big to bridge?

Is the next generation ready, or willing, to continue construction of the property development firm (Southwest Properties) founded by their grandfather? Iconic Atlantic Canada entrepreneur Jim Spatz answers this, and other tough questions, in our Voice of Experience profile.

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