What’s working?

We asked our workshop attendees to tell us about policies/programs/
characteristics that they believe promote growth and prosperity.
Here are the main ones

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Engaged communities with a strong voice. When they work together, exciting things happen (e.g. increased awareness and support for mental health)
  • The Harris Centre! Their research is essential for fact-based decision making
  • Collaborative business community
  • A cultural “scrappiness” that helps them survive hard times

New Brunswick

  • Immigration attraction
  • “Hungry” entrepreneurial community
  • Strong “buy local” culture
  • Bilingualism
  • N.B. Small Business Investors Credit
  • ONB
  • Tele-infrastructure
  • Good federal-provincial relationship
  • Cybersecurity/smart grid
  • ACOA

Nova Scotia

  • Strong start-up ecosystem (CEED, Volta Labs, Propel ICT, Innovacorp)
  • Technology is helping people overcome geographical challenges
  • Focused sectoral growth (e.g. ocean cluster, technology)
  • Willingness to discuss issues, work collaboratively
  • Passion to grow
  • Location

Prince Edward Island

  • Immigration attraction
  • Vibrant arts community
  • Youth support programs
  • Chamber of Commerce

Where they overlap

  • Lifestyle
  • Tourism
  • Atlantic Growth Strategy
  • Private sector support of non-profit sector
  • Strong post-secondary system that attracts immigrants and is producing a well-trained
    labour force

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