What can we do better?

Here are some of the creative solutions that workshop attendees said could increase economic growth and prosperity.

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Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Create an InvestNL incentive program to encourage local investment
  • Launch public education campaign about debt and deficits
  • Build infrastructure for future needs
  • Find a way to transform tourists/visitors into residents

New Brunswick

  • Buy local, spend local, support local
  • Networking is important. Show up!
  • Identify (and fill) gaps where people aren’t meeting their potential
  • Set up small business forums for SMEs
  • Combine English and French wherever possible
  • Create personal “dashboards”—you can’t improve what you can’t measure!
  • Implement student-centric learning that promotes individual success
  • Centralize services and reduce the number of airports

Nova Scotia

  • Create a made-in-N.S. growth strategy with localized solutions
  • Partner students with business mentors
  • Think outside the 40-hour week with flex hours and work arrangements
  • Teach youth it’s ok to fail
  • Focus on becoming an investment-friendly destination
  • Make post-secondary education mandatory for all citizens
  • Host trade shows. Encourage exports by bringing potential clients to Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

  • Island-wide high speed Internet!
  • Institute a branding program that promotes Atlantic Canada as a great place to do business (not just a tourist destination)
  • Create an attitudinal change—there’s nothing wrong with being successful
  • Be creative with public transit: buses, vans, taxis, car pools
  • End the bridge toll

Where they overlap

  • Fully-funded free child care
  • Take ownership of issues and problem solving (stop looking for government to fix everything)
  • Lengthen immigrant attraction programs to five years; give them a chance to put down roots
  • Market more, advertise more and promote local success stories
  • Create a strategy to encourage international students to stay after graduation
  • Find ways to promote regional cooperation
  • Learn to sell and export more effectively
  • Simplify and lower taxation
Closing remarks: participants consistently noted how much they welcomed the opportunity to #ThinkBIG and hoped we would continue this inter-
provincial communication and collaboration. We will. Our second annual thought leader-
ship workshop series will be held in September 2018.

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