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Stewart McKelvey joins global law firm network

The first law firm in Atlantic Canada has just become the first law firm in the region to join one of the world’s largest and oldest legal networks, ALFA International.

The ALFA model enables its 1,452 independent members to use their local expertise to deliver highly effective legal solutions, while drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of other member firms. ALFA clients benefit from a geographically comprehensive network of respected law firms and accomplished trial and business counsel.

Membership in the ALFA network is based on exclusive grants of territorial responsibility. Each metropolitan area, state, or country is served by one ALFA law firm. The application and selection process for ALFA membership is a rigorous one. Candidates must submit a multi-faceted written application. ALFA representatives will typically visit the applicant’s offices and interview key lawyers within the firm. Input on an application is sought from present ALFA members and clients possessing specific knowledge of either the applying firm or the relevant geographic area. An application for membership must be reviewed and approved by both a regional membership committee and the ALFA board of directors.

According to Richard Hetke, ALFA International’s CEO, “Stewart McKelvey’s understanding of the region and their international recognition further enhance ALFA International’s ability and reputation to serve clients throughout Canada, North America, and the world. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship”.

Scott Norton, Q.C. partner with Stewart McKelvey, adds, “We’re excited to join the ALFA International network. Our culture and values are complementary with the other firms in the ALFA International network. We believe that our robust understanding of our region will provide maximum benefits to ALFA International members and their clients”.

Stewart McKelvey has over 220 lawyers working across six locations. ALFA membership does not affect the firm’s ownership or management structure.

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