Six Atlantic Canadians among country’s top female entrepreneurs

Zipping right along
Scenic fishing village gets modern tourist attraction

Five years, more than $750 million and the unique perspective of an adventure-loving helicopter pilot. That’s what it took for Petty Harbour, N.L. to come into its own as a tourist destination.

Though the historic fishing community, just minutes from the capital city of St. John’s, has long been admired for its scenic coastline and expansive ocean vistas, the diminutive town has historically been more of a tourist drive-through than a destination. That changed this year with the opening of North Atlantic Zip Lines.

Company founder and Cougar helicopter pilot Rob Carter says he is a long-time zip lining fan who has experienced the sport in a number of different locales around the world. “It’s a great family activity for anyone from age eight and up.”

Carter had wanted to open his own business for some time, and a fly-by over Petty Harbour showed that the topography in and around the town presented the ideal location for a zip line. Following a significant personal investment of time and money, aided by a $100,000 investment from the provincial government’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Fund, Carter was in business.

The initial response from clients has been overwhelming, says Carter. So much so that he is confident North Atlantic Zip Lines will be a successful year-round operation. “I anticipate hosting various themed events throughout the year, such as a haunted course for Halloween and combination snowshoeing/zip lining expeditions in the winter.”

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