Six Atlantic Canadians among country’s top female entrepreneurs

Mighty TitanFile
Tech innovator secures $1.1 million in financing

Innovacorp, members of the First Angel Network and other unnamed participants have collectively contributed more than a million dollars to help Halifax-based TitanFile bring its product to market.

TitanFile creates better ways for people to communicate and collaborate online without having to worry about security and privacy. It works on multiple devices, including personal computers and tablets. TitanFile clients don’t need to install special plugins, configure computers, or add custom hardware. It has been selected by the two largest law Atlantic Canada law firms, McInnes Cooper and Stewart McKelvey, as a secure communications solution with their clients.

TitanFile was recently named one of the Top 25 Canadian Up and Coming ICT companies, won second in the National Alpha Innovation competition and was a finalist for the Manning Innovation Award.

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  1. I see this product as a major step forward in ease of secure communications. I work in business continuity and would welcome an opportunity to exchange information from your product and my consulting business.



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