Six Atlantic Canadians among country’s top female entrepreneurs

Sign of faith
N.L. technology firm blessed with $300,000 investment

Two Memorial University researchers have been touched by an angel — the Newfoundland and Labrador Angel Network, to be exact. The NLAN is supporting Garnett Wilson and Wolfgang Banzhaf, founders of Afinin Labs, with a $300,000 investment in the development and commercialization of their stock price prediction software, Zenquant®.

Zenquant® sends equities traders information on market trends that they might not have noticed. Afinin operates servers that collect minute-by-minute stock price data and volume, then it analyzes the prices of individual stocks to produce predictions of price trends. Customers use Afinin’s client software for Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac desktop computers, to receive Afinin’s predictive signals for any stock that they choose. Zenquant® is used by equities traders at National Bank Financial.

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