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Startup organizations develop novel ways to
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The Atlantic Passport initiative, launched in March, is the result of collaboration between organizations in Atlantic Canada that provide support services to entrepreneurs.

Lisa Kinney, the entrepreneurial services coordinator for Planet Hatch in Fredericton, New Brunswick, says the Passport is a collection of entrepreneurial hubs, accelerators and co-working stations working together with the goal of cross-promoting events, sharing best practices and opening their doors to help members in partnering locations. “For members who are visiting another city in Atlantic Canada they can have a landing zone, a place to meet with clients to make a presentation, get assistance in connecting with mentors or help with any resource they may need,” Kinney says.

wc_passportTo get a Passport, you have to have a membership agreement with one of the 13 partner organizations, including Planet Hatch, hold a tenant seat or be taking part in a business acceleration program with a partner. Not only will the Passport give entrepreneurs a base of operations in various communities in Atlantic Canada, it provides them free or discounted pricing for using services at partner locations.

Kinney says the Passport idea is another way startup hubs can help support bright businesspeople in Atlantic Canada. It allows them to use similar facilities and resources in other communities that they’ve come to depend on in their own hometown. She says more entrepreneur service providers in the region are welcome to join the Atlantic Passport initiative, and they hope to offer it beyond the region’s borders. “We’d like to expand the network of Passport partners across Canada,” she says.

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