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Coastal fever
The shores of P.E.I. and Newfoundland rank among Canada’s hottest recreational properties

IF YOU’VE GOT PROPERTY on the north and south shore of P.E.I. or the east coast of Newfoundland, it might be time to get it on the real estate market.

A REMAX 2015 recreational property report released this summer found that these three regions were among the most in-demand areas in Canada for people (both Canucks and foreigners) looking to buy recreational property to get away from it all.

However, not all recreational properties are created equal. The figures from the REMAX report show recreational properties in select parts of B.C. and Ontario sell for a king’s ransom. What follows is a comparison of the median price of recreational property along the north and south shore of P.E.I. and the east coast of Newfoundland compared to other hot spots in Canada.


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