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Jordan Hipson (19)
Hometown: Halifax, N.S.
Executive summary: a proud homemaker who has turned an early childhood fascination with being organized and creating beautiful surroundings into a career. Jordan is a multi-media personality with a weekly radio show, TV show, quarterly print magazine and expansive online presence (

v25n3_20below-hipsonAt 13, I first came across the television show Martha – a lifestyle series featuring celebrities, comedy, fun and most importantly homemaking advice. Up to this point, I never saw the fun in chores. Stewart not only opened my eyes to the world of homemaking and its many facets, she presented the information in a way that had me hooked.

Immediately out of high school, I began Jordan Hipson Omnimedia. In my first year of business, things were growing at a pace that worried both my mother Pam and father Scott. Like many new businesses, JHO was not an overnight success. They continued to support me, and are now extremely proud of what I have achieved. While university is an excellent option that many should not miss, I knew that at 18 it was just not for me. Without the support of my mother and father, my incredible partner Ryan, adorable little sister Brooklyn, and fantastic step-parents Wes and Sarah, none of this could have been my reality.

My most embarrassing moment was during a live-taping of my television show in front of an audience. During a segment break, I left my lapel microphone on. The whole break I spent doing breathing exercises … because I was so nervous about the entire event. When I came back I realized everyone could hear me on the P.A. the entire time!

The biggest mistake I made was attempting to do everything as a new-business owner. Like many, I thought I could do everything from accounting to the actual work of the business. I received a great piece of advice stating stick to what you’re good at, and let someone else handle the rest. I now know that if you are starting a business, it is paramount to work the financial details of outsourcing your weaknesses to someone else to ensure you do not make any mistakes, or fall behind.

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