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Kaetlyn Osmond (18)
Hometown: Marystown, N.L.
Executive summary: a Canadian figure skating champion who has competed in 11 international competitions, including the 2014 Olympic winter games where she won a silver medal (team event) and the ISU World Figure Skating Championships (finished 11th overall).

2014 Winter Olympics (photo: Skate Canada/

2014 Winter Olympics (photo: Skate Canada/

I train six days a week. Five of the days consist of three hours of on-ice training and another hour of either strength training, pilates or ballet. My sixth day of training consists of just an hour on a bike to keep my legs moving on the weekends.

My inspiration growing up was my sister. She had such an amazing work ethic on the ice and she was always beautiful to watch.

Figure skating became my passion because of how happy it made me feel just to feel the ice beneath my feet and the cold against my cheeks. Even at a young age, I liked to perform, and that passion for performing still burns deep inside me.

The biggest challenge is making sure I am being the best that I can be at all times. Not just on the ice, but how I act and carry myself off the ice. There are a lot of people who look up to Olympians and I’ve met a lot of people who see me as a role model. I don’t want to let these people down because it means so much to me having them supporting me.

I never regret what I have put into this sport. Whenever I wonder what it would be like if I was a normal teenager, I remind myself I wouldn’t have been able to have all the experiences I have had, like traveling the world, getting the rush of learning new things or performing in front of a crowd, and standing on top of a podium.

My advice to everyone is to have fun with anything you want to do. If you are not enjoying what it is you are doing, your heart and soul won’t be fully into it and tasks seem to be much harder.

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