Some mouth on ya

Some mouth on ya

A Newfoundland food truck sets up shop in Bonavista with all kinds of sauciness

SOMETIMES A LITTLE SAUCE gets things moving. Brad Gover and Allyson Howse are known in their circles for their spicy attitudes, so when it came to naming their new food truck, Saucy Mouth fit the bill (especially considering the plethora of sauces they use). Howse, with a background in community development, and her partner Gover, who works in film, have experience in the food industry; so when they decided to go into business together, the food truck just made sense. “I love the idea of the food truck movement and food truck culture because it’s not the traditional way. We want to be able to offer people something different than what they’re used to, make it a little fancier,” says Howse.

The menu on board will stay small and fresh, with Asian inspiration and Newfoundland ingredients—I’s the Fries, for instance, fuses Newfoundland’s chips, dressing and gravy with Korean street fries. The pair are adamant about expanding the palettes of their patrons so this won’t be the run-of-the-mill fish and chip truck. “It’s a chip and rice and noodle truck,” says Gover.

Driving Saucy Mouth from Yarmouth where they purchased the bright teal rig was a piece of cake compared to dealing with the paperwork. Because the modern food truck trend is newer in Atlantic Canada the infrastructure isn’t up to date, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. “It’s the stuff that should be easy, like ServiceNL, but it’s not. It’s so disorienting,” says Gover. The couple explored opening in St. John’s but the red tape was so discouraging that they decided to set up shop in Bonavista instead.

“It’s such a great region, not just Bonavista proper. It’s a younger town, it feels like it’s becoming more modern and the more we looked into it, they were incredibly supportive,” says Gover. The Town of Bonavista helped with the permits and Saucy Mouth will sit on prime real estate leased from Bonavista Creative for minimal cost. The company is also building a custom deck to suit the truck, cutting down on some expenditures—the opening costs are also drastically cheaper in Bonavista; a mobile vendor permit in St. John’s cashes in at $500 a year while in Bonavista it’s only $75.

Bonavista is the third most visited place in Newfoundland, attracting more than 60,000 tourists annually; Howse and Gover want to take advantage of those tourism dollars by providing fresh and inventive dishes, one compostable cup at a time.

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  1. These folks are amazing! I can’t wait to try some Saucy Mouth.

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