Picking up speed

Picking up speed

After 41 years in business, P.E.I. transportation company continues to grow its corporate and community presence

Take care of your clients and they’ll take care of you.

That, according to Bulk Carriers (P.E.I.) Limited president Jack Kelly, is why he and his company have been in business since 1973. That’s when Kelly and his wife set up shop in the petroleum transportation business. They started with one truck and a tanker trailer which they used to carry fuel to various destinations all over the Island. From day one, “we were committed to doing whatever it took to provide outstanding customer service and get the job done,” says Kelly.

The strategy quickly paid off. Within a few years, Bulk Carriers were expanding both their operations and their reach. Not only did they become service providers for most major oil companies, but they also began transporting bunker fuel, bulk lube oils and liquid asphalt.

One of their most memorable and challenging projects related to the provision of asphalt cement used for construction of Confederation Bridge. The special nature of the product meant that it had to be maintained at a minimum temperature of 250 degrees, even in the middle of winter. It was no easy task in the back of a moving vehicle, but Kelly and his team pulled it off, simultaneously pulling in more contracts throughout the Atlantic region.

Pro-actively assessing and meeting customer needs was also key to Bulk Carriers’ successful realignment in the 1990s. At the time, changes in the petroleum business threatened to stall growth. Feeling his traditional business slipping away, Kelly literally hit the road. He returned to his roots as a long-haul trucker for about a year, using that time to meet with existing and potential clients. Their feedback indicated that he should redirect his attention towards the refrigerated freight business.

Forgive the pun, but it’s been a smooth ride ever since. By the end of 2013, his operations had grown to include 67 trucks and over 100 trailers as well as a strengthened back office team (13 full-time dispatch, administrative and accounting personnel).

“Our customers have come to expect that we can deliver their goods safely and on time,” Kelly says. “We offer detailed freight tracking services to communicate to customers exactly where their products are and time of arrival.”

Achieving an industryleading standard of freight tracking requires extensive investment in innovation technologies, an investment that Bulk Carriers makes on a consistent basis. Not only do Jack Kelly and his management team regularly attend transportation conferences so that they are always up to speed on emerging trends, but they frequently consult industry experts and insist on continuous training for all staff.

Examples of their innovative culture are numerous. Bulk Carriers switched from paper driver logs to Electronic Hours of Service years before it became an industry standard. And, they’ve opened the most advanced truck wash facility in Eastern Canada, at a cost of $2 million. Bulk Carriers is always exploring new business opportunities that complement their current operations.

With 41 years of strategic investments and superior customer service, Bulk Carriers (P.E.I.) Limited has proven that they’re here for the long haul. Whether it’s refrigerated product or dry freight, they’re happy to take a load off your mind.

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