Passion, Ambition, Loyalty: the three employee characteristics that lift PAL to ever higher heights

Passion, Ambition, Loyalty: the three employee characteristics that lift PAL to ever higher heights
PAL employees filled a PAL Airlines plane with backpacks and school supplies to support local families during the “2018 Pack the Plane” initiative. Photo submitted.

From its origins in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Provincial Aerospace Limited (PAL) has become a diversified global company with more than 40 years of experience providing a wide range of quality aviation and aerospace services. In serving an increasingly diverse group of international clients and customers, PAL has built its strong corporate reputation on the core values of reliability, safety and exceptional customer service. Without ensuring and advancing the wellbeing of its dedicated workforce, delivering on these values would be impossible.

Named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers for 2019, PAL has a number of operating divisions each offering unique, world-class Aviation and Aerospace services. These include PAL Airlines, PAL Aerospace, CarteNav, AirPro (a joint venture with Airbus DS), Moncton Flight College, DECA Aviation, Air Borealis, PAL Aviation Services, PAL LLC, and Atlantic Avionics Inc. In Canada, the group employs more than 1,250 talented, highly skilled people who form the foundation of PAL’s unique, diverse and high quality value proposition.

“We work hard to support and empower our employees because we understand they drive our business and deliver our success,” says PAL CEO Brian Chafe “You can’t have a great company without great people, so we concentrate throughout our organization on recruiting, developing and retaining the best team across our industries.”

Chafe is adamant that ‘top employer’ recognition is all the more reason to keep striving to make his company a better place to come to work. “Our employees are committed to continuous improvement in customer service and product delivery and we are equally committed to improving as an employer. As a management team, we are constantly reviewing benefits and employee services to ensure they are aligned with what our employees want and need,” explains Chafe.

PAL has grown significantly in recent years, both organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions. With that success and growth, there are challenges to address and opportunities to capture. Chafe explains: “Making sure we are both locally sensitive and globally aware is a difficult but necessary daily consideration for us now. Our workforce in Curacao is looking for different services and support than our workforce in Halifax or Goose Bay.” Culture, experience, work-life balance, and workplace diversity are all important considerations at PAL and by building a corporate culture of respect, the company believes it stands to benefit from the effort and innovation of dedicated employees.

For that reason, engaging and developing all employees has long been one of the Company’s core values and underpins ongoing corporate behavior. For example, in 2018, the Company launched a formal Employment Equity and Diversity Program and committed to its first independently administered companywide Employee Engagement Survey. These initiatives ensure PAL’s workforce feels empowered and engaged in their work to support ongoing internal improvement processes.

PAL also believes the success of the organization depends on its employees continuously acquiring new skills and knowledge, seeing long-term opportunities within the organization, and feeling inspired to innovate and improve. To this end, eligible employees are encouraged to pursue formal education at recognized post-secondary institutions. PAL provides financial assistance to employees for relevant courses and professional development opportunities.

Engagement and development also extends to PAL families and communities. The company awards post-secondary scholarships to children of PAL employees and grants junior awards for younger children to help foster a passion for learning at all ages. Over the last three years, in the places where PAL employees live and work, the company has donated more than $1.5 million dollars to community and charitable organizations. Community outreach has been and will continue to be guided by PAL employees, many of whom regularly volunteer and fundraise for their chosen causes during and outside of work hours.

PAL maintains a comprehensive benefit program for all employees, which includes health benefits, a defined contribution pension plan, access to stock options and a range of discounts with partner businesses. Moreover, PAL maintains a Years of Service Recognition Program which includes service coins, stamped with the words “Passion”, “Ambition” and “Loyalty” for employees celebrating 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years with the company.

That’s one more meaning behind PAL, where Passion, Ambition and Loyalty soar skyward.

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