Oceanex links Newfoundland to the world

Oceanex links Newfoundland to the world
Photo credit: Kenneth J. Harvey

Headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador—and with a goal to provide superior service to its customers from anywhere in North America—Oceanex Inc. is a vertically-integrated, intermodal freight transportation company that supplies essential shipping services to the province.

Says Executive Vice-President Matthew Hynes: “Whether it’s containerized freight, automobiles, conventional loads—you name it, we can handle it.”

The numbers tell the story. Oceanex and its predecessor companies have served the Island of Newfoundland for more than 100 years. Currently, it carries approximately 50 per cent of all goods that arrive in the province, including 95 per cent of all new automobiles, a sizeable proportion of the used car market, and goods for every major retailer. Its track record for reliability also speaks for itself: 99% on-time performance.

That’s important given Newfoundland’s sea-bound location, fickle weather and the fact that just about everything people use and consume must be shipped here. “We live on an island,” Hynes says. “So efficiency and timeliness are crucial. Our customers build their supply chains around us.”

To achieve its goals, Oceanex maintains fixed weekly schedules for its three purpose-built vessels to perform in the harsh North Atlantic environment. Its marine freight and terminal operations accommodate full-load, less-than-truckload, temperature-controlled, and over-dimensional requirements.

One key to the company’s success is its workforce, which includes more than 400 employees and another 600 employed indirectly. “Safety is paramount to our business,” Hynes says. “Our people work diligently to get every job done efficiently, reliably, and safely. We’re also working as a team to improve our environmental footprint by refurbishing our vessels to operate with non-Sulphur emitting fuel.”

Managing the supply chain to and from Newfoundland is at the centre of its business. Doing so safely, on-time and cost effectively has positioned Oceanex as a vital resource to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, ensuring the flow of goods to and from the province year-round. •

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