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You don’t have to say it; I know what you’re thinking. What kind of oxymoronic editor uses a title like that? Something is either new or improved. It can’t be both—can it? Not under normal circumstances, true, but we’re not your common garden-variety magazine (the gratuitous self-praise being a humorous case in point).

This issue, I’m using my Salvo to tell you about some things we’ll be tweaking in the magazine for 2013 (the improved), as well as some editorial additions we have in store (the new). More accurately, I’m giving voice to the collective feedback we’ve received from so many of you in response to our readership survey.

We asked for it and you delivered—sincere thanks to everyone who had the guts to tell us what you really think. You told us what you loved and hated, what we dare not touch as well as what to shuck, and you filled us in on holes in our editorial coverage. Mostly though, you humbled us with the depth of your loyalty to the magazine. To paraphrase Sally Field in her 1979 Norma Rae role, you like us—you really like us!

Our resident Devil’s Advocate, however? You don’t like John Risley; you love this well-known business mogul’s outspoken contribution to the magazine. Once again, Dear John polled the highest number of fans in our annual survey. (“Keep John Risley. What you do with the rest is up to you.”)

Columnists Alec Bruce and Stephen Kimber also scored well on the reader-metre (“Their articles are always so thought-provoking.”) with yours truly achieving the lowest score. If this were a text message, this is where I’d insert a sad face. Sure, I have enough loyal followers to keep my Salvo alive (“Dawn Chafe’s editorial is the first thing I read every issue”), but I get it—I have to work harder at making it more attention-worthy. With that in mind, if you have suggestions for topics you’d like me to address, by all means pass them on. Constructive criticism is equally well received, though I can’t guarantee you won’t get a combative response (smiley face alert).

While there won’t be any substantive changes to the columnists, our departments on the other hand are getting a thorough overhaul. After Hours will remain, but the focus will shift to luxe indulgences for deserving executives. On the “new” side of the editorial ledger, we’ll be offering analytical reviews of the latest business book releases (Off the Shelf), snapshots of innovations that can help your business stay ahead of the curve (Eureka Moments) and photo tributes to corporate donors and the charities they support (The Givers).

However, just as their initial inclusion was a response to reader input, whether or not we keep those new departments beyond the coming year will also be up to you. If you have a photo of your company making a donation or assisting with a charity event, send it in (high res digital image only, along with appropriate caption of less than 50 words in length). If you have a suggestion for a business book you think we should review, tell us about it. And if you’re aware of, or developing, some sort of game-changing innovation, don’t be afraid to loop us in.

Wait. I’m having another clairvoyant moment: you want to know how you’re supposed to contact us with all this information. Simple—any way you want. You can reach out to us on Facebook. Tweet us on Twitter @AtlanticBus. Comment on our website. Send me an email (the address is on page 4). Pick up the phone (709-726-9300). Mail a letter. Fax the facts. You can even stop me on the street. From social media to traditional mail, we are fully connected and engaged, both with you and the broader Atlantic business community.

Finally, please note that as much as we are always working to refine our product, we will never change our core values. Our mission is to be proud ambassadors of our people and place. To be dedicated to the highest standards of editorial, design and print excellence. For our readers and our advertisers, we are determined to be the foremost source of business information in the region. With your input, we’re getting there.

Dawn Chafe
About Dawn Chafe

For the past 19 years, Dawn has been editor of Atlantic Canada’s most award-winning and largest circulation business magazine: Atlantic Business Magazine. Under her editorial direction, Atlantic Business Magazine has won 14 Atlantic Journalism Awards, three TABBIE international business press awards and two KRW national business press awards.

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