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Although I am from British Columbia, I am a fan of your magazine. I read the article by John Risley (“A Disgrace”, Volume 22, No. 4″) and found it succinct and to the point. It came as no surprise when I then read the letter from my colleague Senator Oliver (Volume 22, No. 6). Senator Oliver acts as an apologist for Mr. Harper and his inept government. He of course fails to recognize the horrendous deficit we face (shades of Mr. Mulroney) or the fact that the Conservative government is probably the least democratic government in history. As always, Senator Oliver and his ilk regularly play with the facts, bending them to suit their purposes. A close look at this conglomeration of Reform, Alliance and tragically Progressive Conservatives reveals a government lacking in both vision and reality. It is a disgrace.

Senator Larry Campbell
Galiano Island, BC


Regarding your short feature “Drug compatability” (Volume 22, No. 6), we have not yet merged at this point; we have signed an intent to merge in 2012. PharmAlliance is not and will not be a banner name. We will exist as PharmaChoice and Pharmasave banners going forward. PharmAlliance is the umbrella company that ties our organizations together as we move toward full integration.

Second, we have 44 PharmaChoice stores in NL, not 34. And lastly, PharmaChoice private label currently has over 500 products and Pharmasave has a private line that has over 700 products. Together we will be able to support a new private label line of more than 700 products with better pricing and supply.

Calvin LeRoux

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