Anna Silk reflects on Lost Girl

Anna Silk reflects on Lost Girl
Anna Silk | Photo credit: Matt Sayles,

TELEVISION IS A FICKLE FRONTIER – getting past the pilot to a full season is tougher than ever. Five seasons? Very rare indeed and well worth saluting, especially when the series stars one of our own. Lost Girl features Fredericton, N.B.-born Anna Silk in its title role. It was on the heels of the October 25, 2015 series finale that we found her reflecting back to that very first script reading.

“I could never have imagined how much Lost Girl would resonate with fans. In reading the pilot I knew it was very special and certainly unique, and I knew Bo was a very layered character that resonated with me. I guess the same was true for those watching.”

Google Lost Girl fans and you’ll find a phenomenal global following for the supernatural drama (130 territories around the world), and for Silk herself. Just last year, she added a Canadian Screen Awards’ Fans Choice to her list of honours. “I always say there are no fans like Lost Girl fans and it’s true. They are incredibly devoted and watch the show with such a sense of awareness and nuance and I love that. They are also some of the kindest people I have met over the years.”

Kindness within the TV and movie industry, however, is trickier to come by and with so many challenges facing females these days, Silk’s success story is proof of what can be achieved. As for what she would tell her just-starting-out terrified and excited self?

“Believe in your dreams and don’t let other people define who you are. Make that definition for yourself and allow it to change as it needs to. I really believe that you teach people how to treat you so make sure you teach them well. It is a tough business and there are lots of negative aspects to it but I try to keep my focus on the bigger picture and the positive parts of it all. I love what I do and know I have been blessed. But I would tell anyone just starting to make sure they love it with all of their heart and soul, then just go for it!”

A numbers game…

ONE best piece of life advice? Nothing is promised to us so rejoice and be present with the moment you are in.

TWO for the road: who’d be the perfect co-pilot? My husband 🙂

THREE for the show: your choice triple bill– what’s playing? I love John Hughes movies! The Breakfast Club, Pretty iinn Pink, Sixteen Candles…

FOUR seasons: which one is your favourite? The fall–I still associate it with the school year and that feeling of new beginnings.

FIVE-alarm fire: things you would take? Assuming family and pets are already out of the house, I would take my phone, my iPad, family heirlooms like jewelry from my grandmother, my passport, and the diaper bag 🙂

Anna Silk, her husband (actor Seth Cooperman) and their two-year-old son split their time between Los Angeles and Toronto but get home to New Brusnwick as often as they can. Follow her on Twitter @Anna_Silk. For more on Lost Girl visit

Anna is a passionate supporter of Because I Am A Girl, a nation-wide initiative of Plan Canada that works to end gender inequality and promote girls’ rights globally. For more information, visit

Photo credit: Matt Sayles,

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