How Major Drilling adapted to business in the time of COVID-19

How Major Drilling adapted to business in the time of COVID-19

Ssimilar to any business spanning four decades, Major Drilling has weathered its share of storms. The recent challenges brought on by COVID-19 however, were unprecedented and unlike any that have been navigated before.

Following the virus outbreak early this year, the health and well-being of employees, their families, as well as the communities where Major Drilling operates remained the top priority.

Safeguards were immediately put into place at all global locations and project sites. Thanks to experienced leaders, financial strength, dedicated teams and new safety measures, the company has been able to maintain operations and continue providing specialized drilling services worldwide.

Try as it might, the pandemic was not able to stop Major Drilling from upholding a promise to be valued contributors to the communities where they do business. Throughout the last few months, the company’s teams were able to answer the call for PPE, food donations and trucking equipment to deliver supplies to local residents.

From shutdowns to restarts, and everything in between, Major Drilling’s global family of staff and drillers have shown their resilience and unwavering commitment to safety excellence, and providing the highest quality of service to local communities, as well as partners and clients.

As the company celebrates its 40th year in operation, they reflect on four decades of expansion and drilling specialization. While the next 40 years may look different, Major Drilling is dedicated to spending them delivering quality, safety and results. •

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