Green as it gets

As an island, P.E.I.’s coastline has little protection from rising waters caused by global warming. And some of its greatest assets, such as its fishing and agricultural industries, are particularly vulnerable to environmental problems. So what are Islanders doing about it? Lots.

Towers of power
With average wind speeds of eight metres per second in some areas of Prince Edward
Island, harnessing that power is a no-brainer. And they have the knowledge and experience to do it: they’ve been testing wind power at North Cape’s Atlantic Wind Test Site for three and a half decades.



v25n6_infographic-002Enhanced environmental farm plans
Potato planning

According to the P.E.I. Potato Board, the Island’s farmers have the highest rate of adoption in Canada for Enhanced Environmental Farm Plans (EFP). This is a process that helps farms identify both environmental risks and opportunities so that farmers can minimize their environmental footprint and continue growing wholesome food for decades to come.


v25n6_infographic-003Waste management
Cut the crap

Way back in 1989, federal, provincial and territorial ministers of the environment worked to establish a harmonized waste management plan. They set a goal that year: 50 per cent waste reduction by the year 2000. According to the Island Waste Management Corporation, Prince Edward Island is the only province in Canada to pull it off in both residential and commercial sectors.

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