Why Atlantic Canada needs more immigrants

Why Atlantic Canada needs more immigrants


Source: Martel, L. (2015). Recent changes in demographic trends in Canada. Statistics Canada.

The following responses are from Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame inductees and 2015 Top 50 CEO award winners. Of 122 leaders polled, 73 took part in the survey — a 60% response rate.

Has your company participated in any government programs designed to bring immigration (not temporary foreign workers) into Canada?
30% Yes
67% No
3% Not sure

If yes, was the experience positive or negative?
53% Positive
47% Negative

Are you interested in participating in such a program in the future?
62% Yes
11% No
27% Undecided

Why would you participate in an immigration sponsorship program?
31% Can’t find skilled workers locally
28% Want to diversify work force culturally and linguistically
12% Gain new work force with strong work ethic
7% Access to capital
7% Boost provincial economy
7% Need more unskilled labour
5% Fill sta shortages
3% Humanitarian reasons

Why wouldn’t you participate in an immigration sponsorship program?
40% Once settled, workers move away (seen as waste of time and resources in sponsorship and training)
23% Government programs are too bureaucratic, tedious and time consuming
17% Language and cultural barriers
7% No job openings
7% Prefer to hire out-of-work Canadians
3% Achieve better results by recruiting foreign workers on our own
3% Lack of confidence in government programs

How would you describe your current workforce in terms of racial diversity?
51% Reflective of local population
30% Racially diverse
19% Somewhat diverse

Taking your first baby steps on the road to hiring a temporary foreign worker


Great White North Seeks
Adventurous Entrepreneurs

Get on the fast track to permanent residency with a Start-Up Visa. Successful applicants will be able to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents with no strings attached to the success of their business. Must have a secure commitment from a designated Canadian angel investor group or venture capital fund. The basics: you’ll have to pass standard health and security criteria; be able to communicate in either English or French; have completed one year of study at a post-secondary institution; and, you have to have enough money to live on while establishing your business.

Source (unless otherwise specified): Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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