High adVENTURE on the East Coast

Venture capital, described rather ominously in some quarters as investments in new or expanding businesses in which there is a substantial element of risk, isn’t exactly flourishing in Atlantic Canada — but it is here. Of course, the number of deals and their aggregate dollar value pale beside those of other jurisdictions in Canada (notably Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia).

2015 was a record-setter across Canada, with $2.6 billion of venture capital invested in 579 deals — an 11% increase over 2014 and the highest number of financing rounds since 2005. It was an especially noteworthy annum for Nunavut, which scored its first-ever VC deal.


REGIONAL OVERVIEW: 10-year trend
While the value of VC investments in the region was down in 2015 compared to 2006, there was an encouraging increase in the number of deals made — particularly in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


*Prince Edward Island had no VC investments fom 2006 to 2013
Investment values in millions

Source (page): Thomson Reuters 2015Venture Capital Analytics

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