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ABM: If you’re an entrepreneur, where are you located? Why are you here? What do you like best (or least) about your local business environment?

LISA DRADER-MURPHY My company is based in Falmouth with a flagship store on Halifax’s waterfront. I chose to move my successful business here from Calgary 12 years ago to enjoy a slower, healthier lifestyle to raise my young family. I LOVE the loyalty of my clients and community here. I’ve had opportunities to take my brand to the world stage via international media, attendance at the Golden Globe festivities, and now, the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May. Yes, I could’ve done these things from Calgary, but I wouldn’t be coming home to my beautiful property in the Annapolis Valley! I’m proud to travel abroad and sing the praises of N.S., my home province!

RACHEL DODDS I located here from Toronto after I graduated in 1994. I was drawn to the quality of life and people in the Maritimes. I started my own business in 2002 and I run it out of a bright and sunny office on Argyle Street in downtown Halifax. I love being in the middle of the endless energy that downtown offers every day of the week, all year long. Parking was a bit of a challenge for work, so I bought a place downtown on the waterfront and walk to work. I’m grateful for the quality of business and personal life Atlantic Canada offers.

CRE8IV DESIGN STUDIO INC. We’re located in Mount Pearl, N.L.! After running a business for several years in Nova Scotia, and having clientele all over the country, personally it was time to move the business back to our N.L. roots. The response has been amazing from local businesses, friends and family and our business just keeps growing and growing each year! We’ve never been busier thanks to our economic growth in N.L.

ABM: It’s interesting that you all left other places for your current location. Did you start your own business because you felt there weren’t any job opportunities for you?

LISA DRADER-MURPHY Not me. I moved my thriving business. I had 22 employees, a factory, and was opening my third store. We were very intent on making Atlantic Canada our home to enjoy the beauty, lifestyle, and the people.

RACHEL DODDS I had a very rewarding career for nine years but did meet the limitations of living in a region. I had progressed to a level in the company and industry that moving back to Toronto was the only route to progress. It was time to start my own business so I could stay in N.S. and continue to evolve.

ABM: If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would you be?

LISA DRADER-MURPHY I suppose I would still be employed as a designer for the garment manufacturing industry, which was rewarding as well, but nothing compares to my experiences as an entrepreneur. 🙂

RACHEL DODDS Less than two weeks after I made the major decision to embrace entrepreneurship full-time, I was offered my dream marketing job. I figured it was a test from the Universe. I stuck to the entrepreneur plan and decided the marketing job and others would always be there if things didn’t work out.

CRE8IV DESIGN STUDIO INC. Personally, I always knew I would be back home in N.L.! N.S. gave me my start in the world of business, as jobs were scarce at the time, however I would not change a thing, as it led me to where I am today. What would I be if not an entrepreneur? I would hope still in the design industry helping business with their branding — if something other then design… Hmmm tough one! I can’t imagine doing anything else!

BAREFOOT FACILITATION AND DEVELOPMENT Located in Halifax. Before ‘taking the leap’ in 2008 I had worked in the health system here in N.S., so it made sense to continue with roots here as bulk of my clients are N.S. based. I’m originally from St. John’s, N.L., so I’m looking to broaden scope to ‘home’! Love Atlantic Canada … while opps may take me away … THIS is where I need to be! Nice question!

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ABM: Where do you want your business/organization to be in five years? What will it take to get there? What’s holding you back?

JAMES RICHARD KIELY, ASPIRING PRODUCER MUSIC/FILM, HALIFAX: In five years, I would like to have a successful music-to-film writing, recording and production company in Canada and the United States. I’d like to have our first screenplay fully produced and shot in the Hollywood style and our original songs released as the official soundtrack. I would like to win an Oscar, a Grammy and become a “force to be reckoned with” in the industry, working with top directors. In this business, it’s all about connections and the opportunity to show off your product, also known as “getting noticed”. If your product is not on the shelf, you can hardly expect people to buy it. What’s holding me back? Negative inertia. Lack of clarity/vision. And the absence of financial backing.

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