Ebay all-stars

Ebay all-stars

Five of the 25 Canadians included in the newly-launched eBay Hall of Fame, created to mark the online marketplace’s 25th anniversary, are from Atlantic Canada. According to Rob Bigler, general manager of eBay Canada, the Hall of Famers represent “a snapshot of the amazing Canadian entrepreneurs on eBay.”

Eric Dempsey, The_binnacle
Halifax, N.S.
Eric Dempsey took his boating supply store online when e-commerce first started to take off, but he was limited to selling during peak boating season in Canada. After his eBay store launched in 2019, he’s seen high sales year-round.

Edie Jamieson, Sweetbuy_n_buy
Bedford, N.S.
Stay-at-home mom Edie Jamieson was looking for ways to earn extra income while homeschooling her kids. Today, through her online store, she’s making a profit from her thrift store finds.

Trevor Otterson, Thebanknoteman
Truro, N.S.
Interested in collectibles since he was a kid, Trevor Otterson uses the online marketplace to buy and sell coins, banknotes and trading cards.

Keeley Wamback, Keeksboutique
Bridgewater, N.S.
Single mom Keeley Wamback needed a way to earn income that would allow her to stay home and care for her baby, who was born with a damaged artery in her arm. Starting with a few items from her own closet, she launched her online store and makes enough money to support her family.

Marco Thorne, Api_hockey
Cornwall, P.E.I.
Though hockey fan Marco Thorne has a storefront where he helps families find affordable hockey equipment, his e-store now accounts for a quarter of his sales.

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