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In recognition of this issue’s salute to small business, Atlantic Business Magazine asked our Facebook Fans for their thoughts on entrepreneurship, business management and economies of scale. Here’s what they had to say:

What advice would you give people who dream of having their own business?

You don’t own a business, the business will own you. So be prepared to work hard night and day.
Tracey Sheppard-Clarke Dooley, Wild Impulse, P.E.I.

Just take the jump and do it! If you fail, then at least you know you tried and there are no “what ifs.” And if you fail the first time, take those lessons and use them to succeed in your second business.
Sherrie Wilkins, Cre8iv Design Studio Inc., N.L.

What is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?

Vision and the ability to execute on it and risk tolerance.
Paul LeBlanc, Extreme Group, Ont.

Entrepreneurs are leaders. People who work, follow the leader. Yet there cannot be a leader if there are no followers.
Helen Abel, Appreciative Coaching & Training

What are some key elements for running a successful business?

I think my success is largely based on over 20 years of relationship building. All those paid and volunteer roles set me up perfectly to make “the leap.”
Gerard Murphy, Barefoot Facilitation and Development, N.S.

Focus on what matters, not what interrupts you. Spend money to save time, do more of what works. Your best customer is the one you’ve already got. Think BIG … no … think BIGGER.
Chung Tang, Internet Marketer

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

The support, hugs and thank-yous received when I published and launched my first book – Young & Fearless: Inspiration of Cancer Survivors
Shari Tucker, Shari Tucker Photography, N.S.

Passing the first million in sales!
Ken Ploughman, Go-Getters Courier Service, N.L.

What is one element of being a business owner that you didn’t foresee when you started up?

That it is pleasantly all-consuming. You think about it when you should be asleep, when you are driving, you think about it ALL the time. And when you are not at the office and your family thinks you should forget about the business and relax, that’s when you think of your best ideas!
Karen Dean Holman, Countryfied Clothing, N.S.

The importance of corporate culture. Without a well developed corporate culture, a business is little more than a managed group of mercenaries.
Milan B. Vrekic, TitanFile, N.S.

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