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RE: Top 50 CEO awards
@FureyAndrew @AtlanticBus with @BrendanPaddick and @markcritch Never thought the scrub sink would lead to this @TeamBrokenEarth

@DigitalNS Great shots from May’s 2015 Top 50 CEO Awards Gala in the July edition of @AtlanticBus We’re proud of our DNS CEO!

RE: Manufacturing in Atlantic Canada
@thefutureyousee Has manufacturing ever really worked here without an infusion of public cash? N.L. is poster child for failed manufacturing gambits.

RE: CEO of the Year
@nearingtheedge @AtlanticBus names Jim Spatz CEO of the year. His contributions to @MSVU_Halifax are immeasurable and appreciated.

RE: Anne Murray – In the Spotlight
@Old_Chief @annemurray1 You look good, much younger than I (and you’re not)!

@MatchGame67 Too bad Bieber can’t learn some class from Anne – she’s Canada’s shining star, not him!

@nitewondernc @annemurray1 we thank you for all the wonderful music!

@jackjls1008 Congratulations Anne on 40 years of great music and great memories. Thank you for the comfort your songs have given us.

@SaultgirlDonna I saw Anne in Sudbury when I was going to Cambrian College. Canada’s snowbird.

@JerrieNewberry @annemurray1 you have been my idol for 40 yrs. Saw you in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You are so awesome.

@andyfrlng The balance between silky smooth tone and perfect vibrato has always attracted me to Anne’s voice.

@LnbryantB @annemurray1 She’s my favorite singer ever.

RE: State of the union
@eggfightsback This is real journalism. Read award winning @skimber @AtlanticBus story of @eggstudios battle with @IATSE & @NSLAE

RE: A place of their own
@cwb_ns A moment in history for @MSVU_Halifax captured by @AtlanticBus. Thank you, @MSVUpresident

RE: Warning, content may offend
Bill Greene Your article reminded me of the Irish story of a fisherman returning home with a bucket full of lobsters, one of which was on the edge and obviously ready to escape. This fact was pointed out by a passerby who was told not to worry as these were Irish lobsters. On asking what difference did that make, he was told that once one gets to the top, the others would pull him back down.

In your May/June 2015 issue, I believe you hit the nail square on the head. I come from a small community in the Annapolis Valley, N.S. and this is exactly how they felt there as well as St. John’s, N.L. Are other similar awards in other parts of Canada accepted with the same cloak of “thanks but no thanks” mindset? Is it because in Atlantic Canada everybody knows everybody “somehow”? I can’t help but think that what makes us friendly to someone in need makes us green with envy to those who succeed.

RE: AJA wins
Brian McLaughlin Congratulations on your four gold and three silver Atlantic Journalism Awards. You all are par excellence in publishing the very best in business, political, energy, and industry content. By the way, this current July/August 2015 issue of both Atlantic Business Magazine and Natural Resources Magazine reflect that same excellence! I’m enjoying all the stories and features immensely.

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