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@panoptika Rereading @ABM_Editor in May/June @AtlanticBus “Judges may know you by name, but judge you by what you include on that form.” Sage advice.

@TomPHickey John Risley’s article on thinking differently in the July edition is spot on, shows the challenge of getting any meaningful politics.

@LMacMac Fantastic issue from @AtlanticBus! Love “It’s (still) a man’s world” and “How your inner barbie is holding you back”

@the7virtues @AtlanticBus Thank you for sharing Victor’s story! We are proud of him for taking on such a big responsibility. Your story was lovely.

@Billy_weld Great magazine, always enjoy reading it.

@whitneymoran the story behind @EileananBreagha for @AtlanticBus magazine! @WinesofNS @Tourism CB cheers!

@Vigilant_PM @scottoldford Great article in @AtlanticBus Nice to see a familiar face in this month’s issue.

@goinfinitus Did you catch us in @AtlanticBus? We’re pumped and honoured to be featured! #podcast #business #leadership #Canada

@RyanDeschamps Bold front page from @AtlanticBus. Social campaigns and giveaways are hard – most difficult thing is making it easy for the user (imho).

@aprildunford @AtlanticBus: Why #SuperStartUp sucked – interesting (+ cool they wrote this)

@jenn_od with a little digging you likely would have found #SuperStartUp partners eager to help spread the word through many channels #startupeast

@ScoutandBurrow Serendipity: Gerry Pond makes the most of the right place, the right time.

@downtownpaul @AtlanticBus @mcinnescooper @UNB The other day I heard Gerry Pond described as “the best business mentor in Atlantic Canada”

@VentureGarage Excellent read about Gerry Pond – Serendipity | Atlantic Business Magazine

@DavidRGallant Great read about Gerry Pond – Serendipity | Atlantic Business Magazine

@DestinationSJ @SeamusORegan is ready to take over the world! Check out his spotlight in @AtlanticBus

@DavidZelcer @DestinationSJ @SeamusORegan @AtlanticBus Seamus for Premier!

Mike Cooper (N.S.) When you’re sitting in the stands it’s easy to criticize the players, nevertheless there are two statements in your otherwise excellent (July/August) issue that I cannot let pass. On page 38 it’s not evident in his article that Alec Bruce is a keen observer of “naval” affairs. If he were, perhaps the erroneous statement on page 102 could have been avoided. Halifax’s Irving Shipbuilding has NOT been awarded ANY naval shipbuilding contract as yet. The only contract so far awarded to Irving in connection with the government’s naval shipbuilding strategy is a few million for the design of the Navy’s Arctic/Offshore Patrol Vessels. But don’t feel badly: Crombie REIT made the same mistake in their annual report last year, as did Craig Alexander, TD Financial Group’s chief economist, at a presentation at Pier 21 two years ago. The government has merely selected Irving Shipbuilding to be the builders of the Navy’s new fleet of combat vessels – a program which, I might add, is already at least two years behind schedule.

Shahida (re: managing the content investment) Think about your brand voice: visit competitor websites and social media channels. Good content strategy involves the development of a distinctive brand voice.

Julia Lathan, executive director, Easter Seals N.B. (re: Brigadoon Village, May/June issue) I am writing concerning your article about Brigadoon. The following statement regarding the camp is not founded: “Brigadoon Village is the only facility in Atlantic Canada, and one of only a handful in the country, providing camp programs for children and youth living with a chronic illness, chronic condition or special need. They are the first in Canada to offer camps specifically for children with epilepsy.” Easter Seals N.B. and our sister organisations in provinces across Canada have been holding camp for children with chronic disease and disabilities since 1952. In partnership with the Rotary Club of Fredericton, ESNB runs nine camps at Camp Rotary on Grand Lake in N.B., our campgrounds are specifically designed to be accessible and our programing caters to the needs of each camper. If you would like to know more about our camp, please contact me or visit our web site (

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