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Clementine Atkins (re: “Danny Next”) Congratulations Premier Williams on all your successes, you will never be forgotten. Keep up the good work.

White Point Beach Resort It was a pleasure to be amongst such a proud and progressive cluster of Atlantic Canadians last evening. Thank you Atlantic Business Magazine for a fabulous Top 50 CEO Gala. As a sponsor for the past number of years, it is a gathering of the best of all of us and what we stand for.

Karen Burton What a welcoming and generous group of innovative people we had the pleasure to meet last night! Atlantic Business Magazine, thank you so much for allowing us to have participated in your special night. I was quite awed and humbled (registered nurse, Team Broken Earth Halifax)

@whoi11 What a great feature of my work for WHOI in the Atlantic Business Magazine @ABM_Editor @FinallyFa #healthEmpowerment

@100MenNL As @AtlanticBus Super Start-Up program, we’re doing it big! Read today’s press release #100men #Newfoundland #Press

@shannonleetweed is IN THE SPOTLIGHT of @SeaAndBeScene 1st feature w/ATLANTIC BUSINESS MAGAZINE

@patterballs Had a great night MCing Top 50 CEO event for Atlantic Canadian business leaders last night. Not business as usual out here! Better #ABMTop50

@Meet_JAC Our leader is one of the @AtlanticBus Top 50 CEOs, now the twos aren’t so terrible. #ABMTop50

@Clearwatersea @smithiday & @BrendanPaddick honoured tonight at @AtlanticBus Top 50 CEO gala. #ABMTop50

@PaulAntleNL Having some fun with my good friend Scott MCain! #ABMtop50

@IWKFoundation Congrats to our amazing President & CEO, Jennifer Gillivan, for being honoured as one of the top 50 CEOs by @AtlanticBus. Go Jen! #ABMTop50

@JohnSheridan Standing O for this year’s Hall of Famers #ABMTop50

@MountAllison President @Campbell_MtA and several @MtAalumni attend the @AtlanticBus #ABMTop50 CEO Awards

@tommurphycbc CBC’s Steve Patterson hosting Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO awards. #abmtop50

@BrendanPaddick @ABM_Editor announces special issue of Atlantic Business Magazine to support

@TeamBrokenEarth at #ABMTop50. Bravo!

@marc_hfx Thank you #ABMTop50 for giving @TeamBrokenEarth such a great opportunity and amazing exposure to your wonderful community.

@rcsConstruction Celebrating #ABMTop50 with Doug Doucet! Congratulations to all winners! Go @rcsConstruction Go!!

Ray Merriam, economic development marketing consultant (N.S.) When we lost Chief Paul, we lost one of Canada’s greatest First Nation Aboriginal leaders. My friend and former boss, Dr. Chief Lawrence Paul, was a community leader who didn’t go unnoticed; especially for the work he did serving his Millbrook First Nation community. He was lauded in many political circles (including federal, provincial, municipal and First Nations) for his political skill and tenacity, his economic vision, his business insights and for his many business ideas. But most of all as a community builder. He often courted controversy for the simple reason that his roots as an early native activist ran deep as he stood up to the bureaucrats and government decision makers on behalf of his people and his First Nation community. He was without question a deal clincher and a shrewd business negotiator. It truly was an honour to work with him in the early days of developing the Truro Power Center project and working beside him on many other economic development initiatives that he believed in and was so passionate about. It’s worth noting that most of his economic ideas have since come to fruition. Contrary to what some people may think of his personal shortcomings, let us never forget this great man deserves credit for being an early pioneer in native economic development. Many communities have since followed his economic development model and business example. Though he had personal issues, downfalls and shortcomings, Chief Lawrence Paul was essentially a good man with a big heart and his long list of achievements has certainly earned him his place in history. He was creative, innovative and most of all he was a visionary who brought ideas to fruition, bringing unprecedented growth and prosperity to Millbrook First Nation. I’m honoured to have worked by his side and I have always appreciated the opportunity that he gave me that helped me in my marketing career. Personally, I will miss him. My condolences go out to his family and to the band members of the Millbrook First Nation. RIP Chief Paul. Did you know… we post calls for story ideas and interview subjects on social media. Join the conversation: follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook.

Roger Sinclair (N.S.) I want to thank you and your colleagues at Atlantic Business for your outstanding article on Brigadoon. Brigadoon is an excellent example of what we can do here in the region to help the most vulnerable: our children who are struggling with a chronic illness, disease or condition. Your article will help raise our profile throughout the region and not only help our fundraising efforts but also increase awareness among families who have a child who would qualify medically. This means a great deal to my daughter Abigail and I, as well as all of the children and their families who will benefit from Brigadoon. Kindest regards from a very proud father.

Charlie Anonsen (N.L.) I was at a “meet and greet” put off by NOIA where I had the pleasure of seeing and talking to Mr. Hutton. I was immediately reminded of how I felt after reading one of your magazines. My thoughts were that you people herald the attributes of many business people and their accomplishments more than any other organization including governments, trade associations, universities, and the list goes on!! You toot the horn for many and should be required reading for all schools to encourage entrepreneurialism. Well done all of you.

Pam Campbell (re: “20 below: Habiba Cooper Diallo”) Reading these comments by Habiba made my day. She is very intelligent and compassionate. It gives me hope for the future of our planet when I read these words. Thanks Habiba, you are already making a difference and will continue to make a difference.

Marco Aurelio (re: “20 below: Kaetlyn Osmond”) It’s incredible how inspiring she is. I have searched for some photos of her, she is always smiling – even when she falls. Seriously thinking of framing a photo of her with her last phrase of this interview.

Karen Hutchings (re: “Forged by fire: The triumph of Anne Whelan”) All those years growing up I always knew you were a leader and a compassionate friend. You always had a bright mind that dreamed big!! We all have had our bumps in our life but we overcame them all! Congrats my friend. Seriously can’t think of anyone more deserving of your award!! Keep shooting for the stars and capture the moon!!

Marilyn Piccott (re: “Forged by fire: The triumph of Anne Whelan”) I was one of the administrative staff who was laid off, was sad about being laid off but understood why it was necessary. I did enjoy working with Anne and found her to be a very approachable employer. I think she is a remarkable woman with a great business mind.

Anthony Tooton (re: “Danny Next”) A wonderful article about a great man and Newfoundland’s finest premier to date!

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