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Should a business magazine cover social issues?
Dawn Arnold Just finished the May/ June 2017 issue of Atlantic Business Magazine and I really enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of both Eleanor and Stephen and really appreciate your dedication to a more inclusive and fulsome discussion of the business ecosystem. Congrats!

Rhonda Tulk-Lane I’m glad you stood your ground in the recent edition. As the chair of the Comunity Sector Council NL (mandate to promote social and economic well-being), and policy analyst for the private sector, I believe you cannot do one well without the other. Recently I did a course at the Gardiner Centre (Advanced Leadership Program) and had a fascinating day with a business prof studying shared values and how we are molded to think either/or not both/ and. I have been challenging myself every day to think both/and … I am having great success in both my personal and professional life. This prof has been studying Zita Cobb’s Fogo Island model for over seven years, which is definitely both/and.

Cynthia Martin I read your article (For Pete’s sake) and admired the restraint between the lines. Sad to estimate the time you had to spend responding to him so gently and ably, to divert so much effort to respond to his idiotic comment to make “Pete” feel listened to—what an indulged baby boy… Of course he didn’t want his comments or his name printed. It’s a lot easier to be that crazed guy in his underwear sending off random flames (that great line by Heather Mallick). Anyone truly in business knows it’s been an entirely different world for decades and indeed businesses are part of communities. “Pete” needs a massive dose of reality and a lot less coddling.

Missing in action?
Paul Robinson Surely the not-sosubtle message of the Top 50 CEOs is the alarming failure in Atlantic Canada to attract an ethnicallydiverse business leadership. We desperately need the stimulation of investment innovation that comes when our boardrooms are alive with spokespeople of many backgrounds, economic visions and aspirations. If validation of this premise is needed, look no farther than the recent Nova Scotia provincial election. Nowhere is there to be found one business leader with the faintest idea of where this beleaguered province might go or how to proceed. And certainly no one in Bluenose land sees the need for a radically different business climate that would be attractive to business people from the international community. We live as if “yesterday” was the guiding light to our economic salvation.

What it means to be a Top 50 CEO
Brent Scrimshaw, president & CEO, Atlantic Lottery Corporation Being a leader in Atlantic Canada is very important to me as a way to give back to the region. These awards recognize that contribution and provide an opportunity to meet and build relationships with other leaders. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Blair Hyslop, president, Mrs. Dunster’s It’s overwhelming, to be honest. It’s nice to be recognized for your success and your contributions to community. The award gives you the opportunity to reflect and take time to celebrate with your team. Our LinkedIn post about the win received almost 25,000 views! Our company Facebook post had similar results. Our employees and community take a lot of pride in the award.

Jennifer Gillivan, president & CEO, IWK Foundation I was impressed with the overall judging process and the fact that you are open to including non-profits as a key player in the community. Atlantic Business Magazine takes a much bigger view of what it takes to lead a society and not just focus on individual businesses. I have advocated for years about the skill that is involved in being a CEO of a non-profit; in essence we are social entrepreneurs. I am impressed that Atlantic Business Magazine recognizes the full 360 of what it takes to be a leader and not just size and dollar amounts. My team is always so proud when I bring back the Top 50 CEO Award because you never win these types of awards alone—it is always because of the caliber of your team and the great work they do, so I always see the Top 50 CEO Award as a team award.

Mark Beal, CEO, Maritime Pride Eggs Inc. I am truly humbled and grateful to be recognized. It also motivated me, after talking to other CEOs and industry leaders, to be even better this upcoming year in my role as CEO.

Charlene Brophy, CEO, FONEMED I am simply honored and humbled to be included with such a distinguished group of business leaders. The recognition has reminded me that I do what I do because I love it. I love the challenge. I love to support our province by doing all of this from Atlantic Canada. Because I can. Because we should.

Sink the ball, not the deal
Andrew McCormick Your “All the right moves” article was a nice reminder of some common sense golf and business rules to follow on the course, but often are not. The golf course is the perfect “conference room” to get to know someone and build partnerships.

Provocative and progressive—it’s a good thing
Edie Hippern Great article (“For Pete’s sake”). Succinct and hits the nail on the head. No man is an island nor is any business. Is the sisterhood too demanding? Rosmarie Thank you, Eleanor (“The tyranny of women helping women”). Saying “no” and “give me just the details” has some feeling like I am the nasty bitch of business instead of the healing and nurturing persona they think I am. I appreciate your point, and will be glad to ask for clarity when I am pursued.

Group hug
Canada’s Smartest Kitchen Congratulations to our executive director, Peter Crooks, on his Atlantic Business Magazine Top 50 CEO award for 2017. Peter attributes the success of CSK to his team of chefs, food scientists, and market experts who strive to become extensions of their clients’ innovation teams.

Whitecap Entertainment We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Jeff Squires was named one of this year’s Top 50 CEOs by Atlantic Business Magazine! Passion, commitment and world class products— we couldn’t be more proud!

Island Advance We’d like to send a big congratulations to John Griffin of W.P. Griffin Inc. for being named a Top 50 CEO in Atlantic Canada by Atlantic Business Magazine! We’re so lucky to have John sit on our advisory board and share his entrepreneurial wisdom with us!

Shout! Media Congrats to #AVGroupNB CEO Mike O’Blenis for winning one of #ABMTop50 CEO awards! #clientlove

Halifax Stanfield Congratulations to our very own Joyce Carter, HIAA president & CEO, on being named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs by Atlantic Business Magazine! Joyce began her career at HIAA in 1999. Since then, she has been integral in HIAA’s growth and development, becoming chief financial officer in 2006, chief strategy officer in 2008, and president and CEO in 2014. Congrats Joyce! #ABMTop50

CBDC Labrador We’ve got some talented people in our province, in both rural and urban areas. Congratulations to all winners!

YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Business Magazine names Jason Brown, CEO of YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador, one of the Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada! Working with outstanding directors, donors, staff, volunteers, and partners since 2005, Jason has led the transformation of the YMCA from near-bankruptcy to a province- wide charitable organization with over $90 million in completed and proposed projects. The YMCA helps people become healthier, access child care, start businesses, and find jobs.

Hickman Automotive Group Great job Atlantic Business Magazine on their Top 50 CEO event this year. Congrats to our very own Bert Hickman! Great company, great event! #ABMTop50

PAL Airlines What a fantastic night at Atlantic Business Magazine #ABMTop50 awards. Our very own CEO, Brian Chafe was recognized not only as a Top 50 CEO, but also as CEO of the Year for Atlantic Canada! The entire PAL Group is extremely proud of these achievements. We’d like to send a big thanks out to all the organizers and a congratulations to all other award recipients.

Blatant self-promotion for national award win
@MagAwards Big congrats to #NMA40 first-time winner @AtlanticBus And the #NMA40 Silver Medal for Columns goes to… ‘Just Sayin’ by @skimber

It’s a beautiful thing
@the7virtues Thank you @Atlantic- Bus for highlighting our incredible experience in the @SephoraStands Accelerator program in your magazine #Peace #Perfume

DocHdl1OnPTR1tmpTargetMore #ABMTop50 love
@MtAalumni Congratulations to #MtAllison alumnus Peter Crooks (‘92)—named in @AtlanticBus’ Top 50 CEOs

@Dalnews #DalProud of Board of Governor member Joyce Carter on receiving an @AtlanticBus Top 50 CEO award

@StBonaventures Congrats to CEO of the Year for Atlantic Canada, Brian Chafe ‘84, CEO at @PALaerospace receiving award from Hubert Hutton, ‘61

@Halifax_Gateway Congratulations to Joyce Carter @HfxStanfield on being named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs! Congratulations as well to @portofhalifax President & CEO Karen Oldfield who was also named in the top 50 #ABMTop50

@MtAalumni Congrats to #MtAllison alumni Brian Harriman (‘99) and Sarah Young (‘95)—both named @AtlanticBus Top 50 CEOs

@FureyAndrew Great cover. So humbled to have @TeamBrokenEarth represented amongst these incredible leaders of Atlantic Canada

@DerekNighbor We are very proud, but not surprised. @FPAC_APFC Board member Mike O’Blenis recognized as Top 50 CEO by @Atlantic- Bus #NB

@NATIONALPR Congrats to our @NATAtlantic Managing Partner @MyNameIsSarahY for being named a Top 50 CEO! #ABMTop50

@Terry_Hussey Thrilled to be named one of @AtlanticBus’s Top 50 CEOs for 2017. Proud & grateful to the team @Vigilant_PM. Very proud to be NL owned.

@JoelHRichardson Fantastic Tracy Clinch @clinch88! Congrats on @MASITEK stellar growth and #ABMTop50 award! #NB #mfg #tech #beverage

@LynnHammondNL #ThisGuy Thrilled to see Dustin in the @ABM_Editor #Top50CEO list again! Extraordinary leader and all around great human! #Golden

@PACSWNL We went: APPLAUDED ‘till our hands were red 🙂 Congrats @fonemed @StellasCircle @westerntoyotanl @PrimaHarmony #ABMtop50

Mea maxima culpa

John Griffin, president & general manager of W.P. Griffin Inc. (Elmsdale, P.E.I.), is a five-time Top 50 CEO award winner (2013–17 inclusive), earning him induction to Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame.

However, executive editor Dawn Chafe inadvertently omitted his induction status from the May/June edition, blaming her aging subconscious for the oversight.

JohnGriffin“As I get older, I admit to increasing bouts of forgetfulness. However, I prefer to think this particular error is proof of how much I’ve enjoyed my annual discussions with John, and is an indication that I may have unintentionally been avoiding his Hall of Fame induction.”

Hubert Hutton, publisher of Atlantic Business Magazine, empathizes with Chafe but says Griffin’s rights as an honouree come first.

“John is an inspiring and accomplished business leader who exemplifies the characteristics of a Top 50 CEO. On behalf of everyone here at Atlantic Business, we are honoured to welcome him to the Hall of Fame.”


Top 50 CEO Blair Hyslop and his wife Rosalyn bought Mrs. Dunster’s Bakery in 2014, not Brian and Roslyn. Atlantic Business apologizes for not catching the imposters before the magazine went to print.

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