Feedback from our readers

Feedback from our readers


RE: There be heroes
Rivers Corbett Just got my Entrepreneurs to the Rescue issue. I always start with Dawn’s “Between the Lines” column—you get it and this time you GOT IT!  Wow, what an epic “right between the eyes” piece. I salute you for telling it like it is and identifying “Startups, we need you!” Thank you! 

RE: @skimber #FTW
Melinda Montgomery There are so many interesting articles in my latest issue of Atlantic Business Magazine! And it was a pleasure to see Steve Kimber’s byline; he was a frequent guest at CBC Radio in Halifax when I worked as a producer there 100 years ago (OK…1979-1984)!! I was in the first graduating class, one-year program, at King’s College (although I am from St. John’s, N.L.) and I believe after my time there, Steve played a very active role at the school.

RE: Moving target (September/October 2016)
Byron Rogers Good article with one technical error on page 64 (probably noted already, but just in case…): “sea ice melt will raise sea level” no more so than floating ice cubes raise the level of water in a glass, as one can tell when they melt. The Greenland ice cap melting, now that’s another story: it would take centuries even though the melt is well under way, but that will definitely raise the sea level since the glacial ice is currently standing on the land. But all the other adverse consequences noted by Kimber are correct and worrisome in terms of making remote raw resources more accessible to extraction processes that are likely to prove damaging to the northern environment (and beyond).

If the price of oil rises again significantly, the Inuit—who by the way are absent from the nice diagram (pp.66-67) —may have jobs, but at the cost of (further) massive dislocations of lifestyle, diet and community.

I should add that I contributed to this in  my own small way in a Summer job I once held with a British sub-contractor on a French drill ship (DS Pelican, CNP) offshore Labrador in 1979, helping to corral icebergs in the Alley as they approached our position.

New jobs and economic activity on the Northern resource frontier, whether for people in the Arctic or Atlantic Canada, will come with many cautions and the strong possibility of environmental disaster.

RE: Trailblazers (September/October 2016)
Roger Nason I find it a common mistake among writers that they presume a lot from their readers. In the case of Katie Ingram’s article which was informative but noticeably left out some important details in her intro. Does she assume everyone will know who the woman trailblazer is in the lead photo? I know it is Amelia Earhart but wouldn’t you bother to put her in context or at the very least provide a caption? And why not caption a few prominent Canadian women from history, or more specifically Canadian business? Your photos seem to be drawn almost entirely from American examples but then who would know without captions. Can’t we do better to promote these women?

Editor’s note: While those photos were stock photos used for design only (these weren’t the women we wrote about in the story), they should have been captioned. The fault is all mine—the writers aren’t involved in layout/design.

RE: If it smells like manure…
Bill Jackman Let me apply your advice to your op-ed article: you are saying the whole
idea of John Podesta being involved in a child sex ring associated with ‘Comet Pizza’ in Washington, DC is bulls**t because of one overzealous citizen turning vigilante? Your argument is thin and devoid of any actual proof or facts to dispute the serious allegations surrounding this matter. You throw the term “fake news” around like a worn-out cliché and spew advice on encouraging ‘media literacy’ yet your baseless “opinion editorial” seeks to persuade the intelligent readership of Atlantic Business to accept it as something ‘real’ and trustworthy. According to you, failure to do so would then lead to current and future voters electing leaders who you personally do not endorse. I respect your right to have an opinion and to share it. However, I do not respect your arrogant attempt to summarily dismiss the real efforts to expose the extent to which child sex rings have been allowed to proliferate in our society. Just sayin’.

Iain K. MacLeod It says a lot about America when a guy arrives at a pizza joint with an assault rifle and claims to be “self-investigating” and people consider that a good description of what is going on, considering his tools. Whatever happened to the lead of a pencil and a reporter’s notebook?

RE: An open letter…
Gloria Haydock I have heard the recent cries of discrimination from taller-than-average-white men and your letter is a great reply to their disdain. In order to appreciate another perspective, it is often best served to find a way to walk in their shoes—and, in this case stilettos!


RE: March issue
@EDNns Share via Direct Message Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, @PeopleCan, scales the heights again as she features on the cover of @AtlanticBus Well done, Debbie!

@MJPalmeter Share via Direct Message Check out @_ChrisMathis in a new NB Innovation ad in the most recent @AtlanticBus Magazine #springboarding

@cwb_ns Share via Direct Message
We love getting @AtlanticBus magazine—especially nice to see Debbie Adams @PeopleCan on the cover!

@BioscienceNB Share via Direct Message
Word is getting out that New Brunswick offers a generous launching pad for #startups #NBproud @AtlanticBus


@FergHodgson Share via Direct Message
This (#StartupNB) article is all about handouts and not about free enterprise. They just don’t get it. Painful.

@Morneau_Shepell Share via Direct Message
See our research for Employers Connect being highlighted in the @AtlanticBus this month on page 15.

@DigitalNS Share via Direct Message
Great to see our Board Chair & @RogersBiz Regional President for the Atlantic Provinces @BruceatIAI in @AtlanticBus

@nbcc Share via Direct Message
Seems the @AtlanticBus always arrives during a winter storm #goodplanning #stormdayreading

@LynnG45 Share via Direct Message
So excited to see so many Newfoundlanders featured, especially @Chelsinher30s who helped me start my business @guppysgiftideas!

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Great article in @AtlanticBus re: the integration & retention of entrepreneurial immigrants on PEI

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