Betting on a pot o’ cold

Betting on a pot o’ cold
A few of Terra Beata’s retail products. Photo by Evelyn Ernst

Terra Beata invests in a state-of-the-art cold stage facility

Terra Beata is building a really big cold storage facility. Like really big. The new building will soon be the tallest in Sackville, New Brunswick and the cranberry company is betting others will want in. According to David Ernst, the co-owner of Terra Beata, “We built really big cold storage because we think there are some other people in Atlantic Canada who will want to take advantage of a more competitive option.” The cold storage facility is actually five times bigger than they need, and while Terra Beata handles more than five million pounds of cranberries each year and ships at least a container a week from the Halifax port, their product will only use 20 per cent of the completed building’s capacity. The technology for the automatic cold storage facility is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. “Nobody has to work in the cold,” says Evelyn Ernst, the company’s other co-owner. The system operates in full darkness (which definitely lowers the light bill) and also in low-oxygen conditions which is breathable but also low enough that you can’t have a fire. “We will be the second building in Canada to use that type of fire-prevention system,” says Evelyn. It will be sprinkler free (they aren’t exactly productive in a freezer).

The Sackville location was strategic as it’s close to the Trans Canada Highway and a great midpoint between the three Maritime provinces. “We become more vertically integrated so that we can compete against other companies in the cranberry business who also own their own cold storage,” says Evelyn. The 45-metre tall building is expected to be finished in late spring.

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  1. There are several types of automatic fire sprinkler systems specifically designed for cold storage and freezer facilities. The sprinkler manufactures have made huge investments in engineering sprinkler heads , valves and associated equipment to protect this type of hazard with successful results.
    Freezer fires are extremely volatile as the product and packaging are very dry due to the low humidity.
    This particular building will be the tallest in the town and one of the taller buildings within Atlantic Canada.
    Certainly glad to see Terra Beata investing in the local economy.

  2. Avatar Jean MacLean // December 30, 2019 at 8:47 am // Reply

    Your new building looks amazing ! Drove past it Sun. so now I can tell your Mom that I
    finally got to Sackville. You have worked so hard but it is showing with what you
    have accomplished! Have your juice every day and it is so good!

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