Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2010 Top 50 CEO Awards

Never has this celebration of Atlantic Canada’s corporate leadership excellence been so poignant, or so necessary. In the fiscal blackout that 2009 was for much of the world, this region shone with business integrity and accomplishment. When the world panicked, our leaders were calm. Where others quit, they persevered. When traditional markets failed, they found success elsewhere. And when thousands of others closed up shop and went home in defeat, this crowd kept the lights on and the economy humming.

The Top 50 CEOs are the epitome of every adjective ever ascribed to corporate accomplishment: innovative, determined, resilient, insightful, visionary and more. Tired and hyperbolic though such cliches often are, in this instance and under these circumstances, they are as fresh as the day they were first penned. So much so in fact, that it’s worth noting that this was the most difficult year yet for Top 50 CEO selection. Not because of a dearth of eligible candidates, but for their abundance. To paraphrase the Judges, it was a truly formidable field of nominees.

Atlantic Business Magazine would like to offer its sincere congratulations to everyone who participated. There are no losers with these awards. Whether you were selected for Top 50 status or not, your efforts have guaranteed Atlantic Canada’s economic win.

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