Annapolis Basin Conference Centre: Making spaces safe

Annapolis Basin Conference Centre: Making spaces safe

There was a time when a top meeting space only needed to show it could host a big gathering efficiently. Words like “pandemically safe” never entered the equation. Times change. Just ask Beth Earle, CEO of the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre (ABCC).

“We had to do a major pivot when COVID-19 hit,” she says of the Annapolis Valley, N.S.-based facility. “Conferences, meetings, weddings, travel groups were all drastically affected. We created rigorous operational plans based on regulations, restrictions and safety mitigations from federal and provincial governments, industry associations, and general best practices.”

As a result, ABCC is now recognized as the trusted, go-to destination for safe meetings and conferences, and office, training, and classroom events. It’s also a premier self-isolation accommodation provider. In July, Nova Scotia Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Keith Colwell said ABCC’s procedures, set up under the guidance of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Strang, were probably the best in the country.

Says Earle: “Thanks to our strict hosting standards, we accommodated hundreds of farm and fish plant workers from the Annapolis Valley and Clare between April and October 2020. We also worked with a number of private schools and universities in the region to provide self-isolation stays for incoming students – both international and those from Canada outside the Atlantic Bubble.”

None of which should be surprising. A not-profit organization and a long-standing partner of the federal government, ABCC boasts a 25-plus-year history of responding, adapting and delivering whatever is required. Formerly part of Canadian Forces Base Cornwallis, which was decommissioned in 1994, it’s found a new life providing meeting and conventions space and accommodations for up to 800.

ABCC will continue to safely and responsibly curate pandemically safe business meetings and private events as long as necessary. Thanks to its steady track record, it’s been named as one of Canada’s three cadet training centres for 2021.

“We’re always looking to support our local community and staff,” Earle says. •

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