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Doyle leaves ad agency, forms new tech company

When he was a minority partner in Extreme Communications, Andrew Doyle was in the business of creating messages. Now he organizes them.

Doyle and his new business partner — Peter Hickey, former director of technology and business innovations with Global Sage — are the proud parents of a fledgling N.S.-based technology company: 2nd Act Innovations Inc. Their focus is on helping businesses become more effective at storing, finding, using and sharing information.

“We organize your information – documents, spreadsheets, contacts, etc… in an easy to find fashion and add in all of your external information too,” said Doyle. “Emails and comments along with the news feeds that are important for you. If you need to know something important for your business, you can find it in 4sight (their proprietary information management system).”

4sight grew out of a system that had been developed by Hickey’s former employer. When Hickey left the company, he acquired ownership of the program and — working with the 2nd Act team —refined it to its current evolution.

Both Doyle and Hickey say their system’s ease of use (“it installs in an hour and training consists of a 15 minute video”) and low cost (as little as $20/month per user) give it an edge over similar products already on the market. Noting that the product is flexible enough for both big and small companies, Hickey describes it as a “market changer.”

Doyle offered this bold prediction for his company’s future: “Our plan is to be the first company valued at a billion dollars in the last year), we know it can be done here and we’d like to think we’re the ones to do it.”

As of press time, Doyle estimated they were about a week away from announcing a significant investment partner.

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