Top employers in 2021 will be defined by resilience

Top employers in 2021 will be defined by resilience

Leaders set the tone in any organization. They establish the kind of employer an organization will be.

Safety leaders often have a values-based approach.

They put people before profits.

They believe that something should only be done if it can be done safely.

The same leadership shown by top employers is often at the core of strong workplace safety cultures. 

In 2020, leaders were called upon like never before. 

As we navigate a new reality, top employers, in particular, have an incredible opportunity to lead the way. Leadership will be key as strong workplace safety and health approaches help us face new kinds of challenges to our well being – both physical and mental. 

“Resilience is a hallmark of leadership,” says Stuart MacLean, CEO. “In 2021, strong leadership will continue to help us work through this, safely.”

Like other employers, WCB Nova Scotia’s experience in 2020 was marked by change and resilience. Powered by new systems, the WCB continued to support workers and employers, while keeping its people safe, focused, and engaged. Updated cloud-based systems helped the organization pivot to a mix of on-premises and remote work.

Now, driven by a sense of hope and optimism, their focus is on the future.

MacLean says that, over time, new systems will bring new, innovative service possibilities – especially as the organization looks at a refreshed approach to support returning to the job when injury occurs. 

As a top employer, the WCB knows that success will depend on leadership. 

And that’s something they ask for from everyone. 

“You don’t need a big title to be a safety leader,” MacLean says. “A safety leader is anyone who makes their workplace safer. In doing so they can change a life, a community, and a province for the better.”  

As 2021 begins, it is a moment to pause and reflect on safety, and to reinforce the principles and practices that make your workplace safe. 

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