2020 Top 50 CEO Stats | Industry Overview

Is a solution a product or a service?
StatsCan organizes companies into two main categories: service-providers and goods-producers. But as traditional service-oriented companies become increasingly complex providers of bespoke business solutions (often via customized hardware and software), the distinction between service and product is getting blurrier all the time. Perhaps the more relevant question is: why do we continue to make the distinction? For what it’s worth, here are the main industrial sectors represented by this year’s Top 50 winners. As best we can tell, 42 per cent are service-providers/58 per cent are goods-producers—many are both.


Of this year’s Top 50 award winners, 62% are exporters and 36% are importers. Where exactly are they doing business? Just about everywhere.

More 2020 Top 50 winner stats:

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