The coronavirus pandemic proved that reliable high-speed internet access is a need, not a want—and that too much of Atlantic Canada is off the grid As schools, churches, funerals, meetings, working from home, grocery and other shopping all morphed on-line in early 2020, the inadequacies …

In the fall of 2006, 32-year-old Mark Hemphill became a father to twin boys. One night he was looking down at them sleeping in their crib and, like many new parents, his thoughts turned to the future and the legacy he would leave his sons one day. He imagined them thinking of him, “Who the hell is this guy and what does he have to show for himself?”…

Jack Kelly of Bulk Carriers (P.E.I.) Ltd. built a fiercely successful long-haul trucking business by staying ahead of the curve. Now, more than 40 years down the road, that’s still how he rolls

How do you build your economy when you’re a small island in the North Atlantic with an even smaller population? P.E.I. shows how it’s done

On our virtual road trip through Victoria-By-The-Sea, we showcase the small businesses that keep this Prince Edward Island community on the map

Home alone

July 4, 2018 // 0 Comments

A new Charlottetown company is taking care of business when you’re not home

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