Last year, Halifax Stanfield International Airport served over 4.3 million passengers and generated $3.8 billion for the Nova Scotia economy. Key destinations include New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadephia, London, Frankfurt and Dublin. (Submitted photo) International innovator Charles Benaiah explains why he thinks Halifax is a …

This issue, we zoom in on artistic and cultural industries to discover how they create competitive advantage in an international sea of sameness

debateFrom finance to HR to marketing, being a new business owner is far from easy. Even so, this former real estate agent turned contractor says she’s having the time of her life

Nova Scotia’s Barb Stegemann is on an inspiring entrepreneurial journey: using her business to help struggling nations recover from war and strife. Her motto? Make perfume, not war

Halifax-based Immunovaccine is on the verge of being the next big thing in the fight against cancer—or it could fall just short of commercialization

Are some financial institutions more small business friendly than others? Yes, say entrepreneur Peter Burbidge—there are differences

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