On Your Mark, Get Set, Give A Damn!

We are thrilled to have been selected for the Atlantic Business Magazine’s Super Start-up Program and are really looking forward to having, as our mentor, Steve Winter and the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation.

First of all, an introduction.

100 Men Who Give A Damn! – NL is a group of community-minded men who want to help to raise awareness for charities that are doing great work here in our community, while also providing monetary support.

We get together once every three months for a meeting where three members, selected at random before the meeting, are invited to speak, for up to five minutes, about the charity that they are nominating. The membership will then take a vote and the charity that receives the most votes will get a cheque from each member for $100 on the spot. 100 member x $100 is $10,000 – all of a sudden we are making an impact, helping out some great causes and getting the chance to network at the same time.

Our organizing committee consists of Sean Stack, Jeff Power, William Cahill and John Atkins. We are really excited to have this opportunity to make a difference in our community.

This all started when Sean heard about the group that was starting up in Halifax and thought it was a great idea that could really make a difference here in St. John’s.

If you are wondering why the group is for men only, fret not. 100 Women Who Care St. John’s is already active in the community and we are looking forward to the challenge of keeping up with the successes they have already achieved.

John Atkins and his team at JAC are doing our website and branding and we can’t thank them enough for the time and commitment they are putting into this effort.

We first met on May 6th with Steve Winter and Sharon Sparkes of the NLC to begin discussions on how the NLC’s resources can best help us get started off on the right foot. They are both incredibly supportive and we are confident that this is going to be a mentorship that we won’t soon forget!

The coming weeks will involve the launch of our full website and the drive to build membership, in the lead-up to our first meeting. We are extremely grateful to be surrounded and supported by the NLC, Atlantic Business Magazine and JAC, and are looking forward to making our first big donation to a local charity after our first meeting in early July.

If you have any comments or would like to find out more please send Sean an email at info@100mennl.ca.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back next month to update you on our progress!!

100 Men Who Give A Damn - NL
About 100 Men Who Give A Damn - NL

Men from the St. John’s area getting together to make a big impact through the co-ordination of small gestures. Meeting quarterly, we hear about three charities doing great work in our community and then we vote for which will receive our money. 100 men x $100 = BIG impact!!

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  1. Avatar Michael Power // May 13, 2014 at 6:44 pm // Reply

    a great idea..count me in

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