"The private sector is leading the way, generating value, being creative and innovative and inspiring us all. The public sector needs to follow." - John Risley

Halifax's CUT Steakhouse wins Best Restaurant to Impress a Client in Nova Scotia

Leah Harris is a small business owner bravely facing an uncertain future. She's not alone.

Did CERB prove that the time has come for a permanent guaranteed annual income?

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Regardless of how the provincial election in Newfoundland and Labrador plays out, there’s no question a job at the top of the list for any new government is addressing Muskrat Falls Project costs. It’s well understood: the project is billions over budget and years behind schedule. The overruns are falling to ratepayers and the province (the relatively small pool of ratepayers can’t handle the overwhelming costs on their own). The exact mechanisms for aid are still up in the air. Messaging in 2019 was a rough plan was coming from the provincial and federal governments, focused on restructuring of the
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Marketing agency owner Krystal Hobbs has good, vivid memories of sawdust. It’s something she recalls in the introductory episode of her new podcast: Beyond the Tools. Her stepfather was a carpenter and, while she was still growing up, he would come home, bringing the dust with him along with his latest construction ideas, blueprints and updates. Her family was living in government housing for a time, and her mother and stepfather talked and talked about building a new home of their own. “It was a huge dream,” she says. “It wasn’t until I was about 13 that we finally moved
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Corvus Energy's all-electric “blue whale” power system for large ships is on its way to sea trials. The essential step is being helped along by funding from the Government of Canada’s supercluster program. “There’s been a lot of interest from ship owners around the globe,” said Corvus executive vice-president Sean Puchalski, in the latest ocean supercluster announcement video. The estimated $4.15 million “field validation” work for Corvus, to prove out the battery system and show its ability to offer longer durations of zero-emissions transit, is receiving $2 million from the federal supercluster program with the rest being private funding. Corvus
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Joe Hickey is the president and CEO of ROCK Networks, a communications technology company that has grown 5,000 per cent over the past four years. In this episode of Take 5 with the Top 50, we find out why Hickey decided to launch a business in the highly-competitive telco sector, going head-to-head with companies like Rogers and Bell. We also dig into his company's innovation culture, revealing how he created an environment that embraces the trial and error that comes with innovation. For each episode of Atlantic Business Magazine’s Take 5 with the Top 50 CEOs video series, we ask
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